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AmeriCoats brings proven powders to meet all requirements with application parameters and end-use performance of these coatings has the foremost importance. New raw materials and processes are continually evaluated for ongoing product development and improvement.

Environmental Responsibility

AmeriCoats is committed to being a responsible organization – to our customers, to our employees, and within our industry and neighborhood communities – with regard to prevention of pollution, continued improvement of environmental management programs, and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

AmeriCoats provides to our customers products that have minimal environmental impact and offers to our customers assistance with their compliance efforts. AmeriCoats’ products are virtually emission-free during curing and are non-hazardous as waste.

AmeriCoats works with and purchases materials from suppliers who hold similar views regarding environmental protection. AmeriCoats instills in our employees an appropriate respect for all materials stored and used in our facilities and requires their safe and proper handling at all times.

Quality Assurance

AmeriCoats is an ISO 9001-2008 Registered Firm. Certificate of Registration is available upon request. Please forward your RoHs and AAIG compliance request to Mr. Rafal Turek at