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AmeriCoats has refined the technology and is dedicated to customers in the industry and recognized as a proven leader. AmeriCoats is an innovator, and as a manufacturer, has provided outstanding quality products from custom matching to the formulating of leading edge technologies.

I was about to lose my big account because I could not get powder from my existing supplier, I called AmeriCoats; they matched color and delivered 500 pounds the next day. Excellent service...Thank you folks for everything you do for me.

We wondered why our powder consumption rose when a major powder supplier offered a lower price than AmeriCoats... Well, I returned from a vacation to find that we now were buying this “bargain” powder from one of the largest suppliers of powder. My staff was gleeful when they showed me the savings per pound vs. AmeriCoats on paper. After three weeks, we found we needed more than 40%more powder to get the fi lm build AmeriCoats provided with 40% less poundage and a lower total cost... We will never leave AmeriCoats again.

Our 700°F, high temperature application required a high temp silicone paint which was loaded with solvent...AmeriCoats powder actually passed the long term temperature tests when other powders failed and peeled... We have used the same powder from AmeriCoats for 5 years and will never switch no matter what the other salesmen tell us

They really mean it... exceeding your expectations.”

— BN, Owner

I called owner of AmeriCoats Friday morning and ordered fi ve boxes of custom color, requested to be deliver on Saturday morning (in New York)... and he said: ‘will do.’ I saved my major customer because of AmeriCoats. Thanks you so much... I really appreciate your services.

— KS, Purchasing Manager

In 2001, we were getting over 20% rejects on a very difficult substrate for range hoods. AmeriCoats formulated a powder, and helped with our process to bring these rejects to less than 1%. That earned our business. Since, they have provided all powders we use in a very consistent spray and cure process. We make very few gun setting changes and no oven changes. As we custom-coat along with coating our own products, we are delighted with AmeriCoats’ ability to streamline our process. They have also been able to formulate any requirement necessary in completely compatible ways with our process. I have never seen any supplier with the depth of knowledge and willingness to problem-solve as AmeriCoats.

— JS, Manager