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Case Histories

Commercial Architectural Lighting

After one thousand hours of continual use, UV degradation caused a “yellowing” finish on recessed lighting fixtures.

Linear lighting fixtures comprised of steel and aluminum had inconsistent final finishes, caused by raw material variations and fabrication processes.

Mail and Package Sorting Equipment

Sorters, dividers, and bins had bare unpainted spots, caused by abrasion, after only a few months of use.

Electronic and Electrical Enclosures

Coatings on enclosures, cabinets and components suffered damage during assembly operations that resulted in slow production and increased need for rework.

General Metal Fabricating

Rods, tubes, posts and similar items could not be coated and cured within the Customer’s stringent time/temperature parameters. Powder had to be applied to a pre-heated part, then cured for a few seconds without additional heating, and finally quenched in cold water to conform to the desired line speed and space constraints.

The Solution

A high reflectance, low gloss coating which was easy to clean, yielding a minimal color shift after several thousand hours of continual use.

Textured and smooth coatings, available in easy clean, durable and high fashion colors, were applied at cost-effective rates.

A high abrasion resistant coating exhibiting exceptional toughness and lubricity was used which more than doubled previous product life expectancies.

Textured and smooth coatings with superior adhesion, impact resistance, and lubricity were used, which eliminated chipping and scratching problems during assembly while allowing for normal production rates.

A unique, catalyzed coating that exceeded the process parameters, achieved full cure with 90% less energy, and allowed the Customer to achieve a 10% increase in productivity due to increased line speed. As an added benefit, Americoats’ powder did not clog the Customer’s dual collector filters.