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Lawn and Garden & Automotive

Lawn and Garden Polyester or Urethane coatings provide necessary toughness for a working outdoor environment, along with excellent fuel and hydraulic fluids resistance. they provide an attractive and durable finish over the average life of the unit.

Automotive Our coatings comply with many OEM and T1 suppliers to the market. Underbody/underhood, truck bumper, seat frame, RV and aftermarket component suppliers find our coatings suitable for varying requirements. From mufflers to mirrors, we have you covered.

Light Fixtures & Architectural

Light Fixtures From Architectural to Industrial to Home and Marine, powders are available. Flats, Micro-Textures and Hi-Reflectance products meet every specification required. Special and unique finishes are developed in close cooperation with our customers.

Architectural Our technically advanced products will meet all key specifications, including AAMA 2604, 624, 2605 and 625. Special resins now have a 10 year plus track record, offering improved color stability and hardness vs. conventional Fluoropolymer products. They also offer superior “stucco-resistant” properties, regardless of color/gloss

Appliances & Furniture

Appliances All colors are available, meeting typical requirements of desired physical properties. Whether it is stain resistance in laundry/kitchen appliances, indirect food contact in refrigeration appliances or screening ink compatibility, we can provide coatings to meet your unique package.

Metal Furniture and Furnishings Having high emphasis on decorative qualities, good functionality is also emphasized. Impact, scratch, and stain resistance are necessary along with special requirements for bath and children’s furniture. Lab furniture will have its own special requirements.

General Industrial & Custom Coaters

General Industrial A complete range of coatings is available, formulated for desired properties such as chemical, electrical, temperature or physical. Cure temperatures vary to accommodate almost any customer condition. General purpose coatings are standard in our inventory.

Custom Coaters Most use a full range of Powders. We strive to streamline Coaters’ products in compatible chemistries and similar cure parameters. Ease of application is paramount, and we are always interested in the end-use of any powder we make. This enables us to make specific products for particular requirements and to carry a wide range of “standard” powders. We “match and make” orders as small as one box and get them to you on time. Our inventories are updated twice weekly to give you “real time” availability.

Electrical Equipment

TGIC coatings for standard commercial boxes (Square D, GE), high-end metallic coatings for junction boxes, conduit headers and box covers. Commercial Control Box and Cover Coatings, Buss Boxes

Electrical Equipment/Components Powder coatings are used for exterior housings in the electrical and electronic industries. However, they are also being evaluated for unique, functional applications such as transformer and motor windings; powder coating provides a significant benefit over conventional coating.

Electrical/Electronic Enclosures All Polyester and Urethane powders we make are UL Listed, meeting all DTOV2 requirements. Certification cards are available on request. This is usually necessary for these type products; our “blanket” certification eliminates redundancy of paperwork.

The IT and related markets require very fine textures and specialized finishes such as metallic used on high-end cell phone plates. Our finishes are found on Motorola, L3 Communication, Xerox and so many other markets.

High-Heat Resistant / FDA-Compliant

AmeriCoats offers silicone resin based powder coating with heat resistance up to 1200°F. This product line is suitable for a wide variety of applications including fireplaces, barbeques, heating appliances, automotive mufflers and headers, and other industrial applications.

We also offer FDA compliance coating for direct and indirect food contact. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Powder Coatings on MDF (Wood)

Special coatings are designed for application to specially treated wood substrates to provide a more durable finished that the traditional liquid coatings or veneer finishes.

Powder Coatings for Fiberglass and other non- traditional substrates

Specially formulated coatings designed for ease of application and optimal on part performance for both interior and exterior applications.

Powder Coating on Glass

Powder designed to enhance the cosmetics and functionality of glass substrates by offering a variety of finishes that can add value to these products.